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Custom Artwork Seals, No Set Up Charge! 

Due to the intricacy of design and specific media usage for Custom Artwork seals; a call to a Made to Order customer representative is necessary for complete details.

Custom Artwork EmbossersCustom Artwork seals are our specialty!

We are able to produce the finest detail and best Custom Artwork Seals anywhere!  Simply provide us with clean camera ready black and white art work and we will expertly set it into a beautiful Custom Seal Design.  Add $45.00 for Custom Artwork.


Shown are a few sample impressions:

Corporate seals wax seals

No Refunds or Returns on Custom Orders.    800-606-9655

Die Sizes Available
1 5/8 1 3/4 2 2 1/4 1x2 1x3
Reach: Depending on Model

Models Available:

800-606-9655 Custom Artwork seals are our specialty!

bullet Deluxe Pocket Seal
bullet Jr. Seal Press
bullet Reversible 1" x 2" Seal Press
bullet Deluxe Standard Desk Seal Press
bullet Cast Desk Seal Press
bullet Modern Style Desk Seal Press
bullet Extra Heavy Duty Long Reach Desk Model Seal Press
bullet Old Fashioned Cast Iron Desk Press
bullet All Electric Seal Press's

Specifications of how you want your New Seal Positioned below:

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