Antique Cast Iron Embossers with Icon/Logo.
These real antique embossers are old rare and are very unique. Impress even the hardest person to give a gift to with our old cast iron embossers. These old cast iron embossers are specially purchased and range in age from 1879 to the 1930's. Every piece is unique and has its special markings, wear or scratches but they will work like new. Add custom artwork, initials or a return address. Use as a corporate or notary embosser. Hurry, we have a limited supply. When they are gone they are gone forever! Item #acie-il

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Your Antique Cast Iron Embosser will come from one of 3 groups. Please select from the following groups:

Group A - $259.00 Group B - $325.00 Group C - $400.00
An attractive antique model designed to a accommodate a 1 5/8" custom die. Shapes, sizes and finish may vary. An elegant and larger antique embosser. Many have inlaid, embossed, raised, painted or fancy design. Able to accommodate up to a 2" custom die. Shapes, sizes and finish may vary. The most exquisite and rare antique embossers we can find. Many have the rare "Lions Head" design. Able to accommodate a 2" custom die. Shapes, sizes and finish may vary.

Please choose a size:
1 5/8 inch
1 3/4 inch (not available for Group A)
2 inch (not available for Group A)

Includes Custom Engraved Brass Die
Brass dies are used for durability and the ability to hold a fine line. Because it takes much longer to make a custom brass die, we ask for two working days for production.

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Custom Artwork:(add $45.00)
Check this box if you would like custom artwork, instead of one of our stock icons/logos. This is an additional $45.00. If you have checked this box, please call us at 800.606.9655 for instructions on submitting your artwork.


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