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New Product - Oasis Brand Seal Inker - Inks imprinted images up to 2" - Uses Standard Water Based Ink - Great for images that need to be photocopied or faxed !

Blue Seal Inker - $19.98
Black Seal Inker - $19.98

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New Product - Ink Shield - New Product, exclusive to Custom Embossers - Ink only your imprinted image. Protect your documents from excess ink marks left outside impression area when marking with any seal inker. Available in a book of 40 shields.

1 3/4" Ink Shield (Shields inked images up to 1 3/4") - $9.98
2" Ink Shield (Shields inked images up to 2") - $9.98

Emboss your document   ink shield   ink shield
1. Emboss your document   2. Remove Ink Shield™ from the booklet   3. Place Ink Shield™ over impression
ink shield   ink shield   ink shield
4. Ink with your seal inker   5. Remove right away to avoid bleeding   6. Present your document with a clear impression and no mess

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